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With the Long-Lost Skills of Our Ancestors

Survival Sanctuary Book

Uncover how to:

  • Make powerful medicinal remedies from scratch...
  • Preserve and stockpile HUGE quantities of delicious food that never (ever!) spoils.
  • Enjoy a steady supply of fresh clean water - 100% off grid.

And MORE...

It's all inside:

The Lost Frontier

Here's a Glimpse of What You Get:

Survival Sanctuary Book

Just keep in mind what you'll see below is only the tip of the iceberg and there's far more inside "The Lost Frontier Handbook".


The Most Powerful Remedies We
Lost to History

The Most Powerful Remedies We Lost to History

With high-resolution images, carefully detailed diagrams, and step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Create Powerful Disinfectants at Home
  • After all, antiseptics are one of history's greatest life savers. But what if the stores are closed? Luckily, this simple substitute is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Make Your Own Highly Effective Painkillers
  • Great for toothaches, chronic pain, and injuries. Without addictive drugs.

  • Safely Treat Wounds, Breaks, & Burns
  • Because there's nothing worse than being unable to help a loved one in need.

  • Quickly Soothe A Sore Throat or Cough...
  • No bitter tastes or itchiness. Instead, these tasty remedies leave sufferers singing.

  • How to Make "Frontier Penicillin"
  • Used for centuries to keep infection away with just a handful of items you probably have in your kitchen right now.

Plus, a whole lot more.

Like how to treat cold sores, warts, or fungal infections, soothe away inflammation, arthritis, and exactly what to do if someone you love has been poisoned!

There's almost too much to choose from. Including...

How to Build a Food Stockpile That
Never (Ever!) Spoils

How to Build a Food Stockpile That Never (Ever!) Spoils

Giving you endless, tasty meals to fall back on. The perfect safety net, without electricity, chemical preservatives, or gut-churning survival rations. Including how to...

  • Safely Preserve Meat for Months on End...
  • Includes smoking, drying, curing, salting, larding, dehydrating and more...

  • The A-Z of Canning and Pickling
  • Great for newbies and veterans alike. Packed with cutting edge recipes loved by all.

  • Companion Planting 101
  • The ultimate "how to" for a garden that raises itself.

  • 3 Ways to Refrigerate Food Without Electricity
  • Using a root cellar, 18th century icehouse, or a lost long evaporation secret...

  • How to Hunt, Tan and Hide Wild Game
  • Plus, how to barter the pelts as a highly profitable side business when SHTF.

And more!

Like how to grow a tiny-space herb (or medicinal) garden, the very worst food-spoiling dangers to look out for, plus cheap and quick organizational hacks to ensure everything you need is in reach and you never lose track of supplies...

How to Thrive Through Another
Great Depression

Collected and studied by those who lived it. Not some armchair "expert" who's never even skipped a meal. Let along gone hungry for weeks with a starving family to support. Including how to...

  • Save Stacks of Cash Every Month on Food...
  • With easy-feasting tips that make the USDA's $25-a-week "thrifty food plan" look wasteful.

  • The Very Best Wild Plants to Forage
  • Featuring super tasty seasonal picks most folk don't know they can eat.

  • Make Soda & Ginger beer the Old-Fashioned Way
  • And save close to $1,000 a year on soft drinks.

  • How to Raise Chickens 101
  • Because these little gems are homesteader's best friend. Providing nonstop eggs, meat, and garden pest-control.

  • Create Priceless Household Products From "Junk"
  • That aren't just healthier and higher quality. You could also sell them for several times their cost to make. Including soaps, glues, and other prizes.

You'll also uncover...

The Only Survival Superfoods You'll
Ever Need

The Only Survival Superfoods You'll Ever Need

DiY Projects
DiY Projects

These are some of the most nutritionally balanced, dependable recipes you'll ever find. Whether it's for hard times, or a simple, lazy, long-lasting meal. There's nothing better. Including...

  • The 100-year Survival Ration
  • Used by Native Americans, fur trappers and arctic explorers for months' long trips without other supplies. Still safe to eat a century later.

  • The Pocket Friendly Soup Adored by Mountain Men
  • Just break it up like cracker before serving it as a delicious instant meal.

  • The Bugout-friendly Biscuit That Won the Civil War
  • Because this light snack simply refuses to go bad. No matter the climate.

  • The Viking Comfort Food That Stays Unspoiled for Years
  • Which millions have used ever since to keep away scurvy and malnutrition!

  • 22 "Forever Foods" Critical for Preppers
  • It's not just grains, beans, and pasta, but big surprises too. Like popcorn, soy sauce and alcohol, with a host of little-known, and surprising benefits.

There's so much to choose from. Not all of which can be easily categorized, like...

75 Items Worth More Than
Gold in A Crisis

DiY Projects

These everyday objects may feel worthless now but, in a crisis, many would give their right arm for one.

Because while a swing trivet, landline phone, copper, coins, photo developing kit, can opener, fly paper, a coffee pot, or an old EMP-resistant truck, might not be top of your list RIGHT NOW. Once you discover why they're here, they soon will be.

Of course, while items are important, so are skills. One of the most vital being how to...

Enjoy Limitless Clean Water
100% Off Grid

DiY Projects

By making your own water filter from scratch using everyday parts found in any yard. Great for an emergency! Or as an inexpensive, renewable, all-natural part of a self-reliant lifestyle.

And not only that,but it's also made from the same incredible substance found in gas masks (to combat smoke and tear gas). Meaning you can use the same trick to craft one in a pinch.

There's no excuse not to have this knowledge. Especially if you want to uncover...

Where to Find Free
Land in the USA...

DiY Projects

This information is top secret!

Because let's face it, as the ultimate step towards true self sufficiency, everyone wants a little slice of heaven to call their own.

And the problem isn't just cost, but red tape, geography, and if you've survival in mind, proximity to things like cities, military bases, natural disaster risks and more. That's why we've made it easy...

Because a stockpile, no matter its size, will always run out. Whereas, if you've just 1/5th of an acre (with some easy tricks), you can provide all you and loved ones need. Just like I did. Even if you don't want to do it right now.

Covering locations as diverse as New York, Alaska, and Colorado. With pros and cons for each.

If you act fast! Before someone else gets it.

Even better if you order 'The Lost Frontier Handbook' today...

You'll Also Get These
Special Bonuses 100% Free

You'll Also Get These Special Bonuses 100% Free

Because there is an old saying that goes:

"Health is wealth."

Just ask anyone who's sick...

That's why your first bonus is:

The 80 Square Feet Medicinal Garden
Was $27 NOW FREE


This bonus is a Claude Davis' special...

If you don't know Claude, for decades, he's been THE expert on anything to do with The Old Ways.

And this guide is a testament to this...

As he lays out in painstaking detail how to grow your own medical garden with just 80 sq. ft of free space...

All the herbs you'll ever need to own a highly effective herbal apothecary...

Plus, the full companion planting blueprint, so you know exactly where and what to plant.

Perfect for tiny lawns, patios, or apartment rooftops.

Meaning now, with just a little space, you can have your own walk-in natural pharmacy with herbs the pioneers used to heal all sorts of problems...

It's amazing stuff!

Another great quote is:

"Only when the tide's out can you see who's swimming naked."

In short, it's only in hard times you
can tell who's truly economically secure apart
from those resting on loose sand...

That's why your second bonus is called:

Surviving an Economic Collapse
Was $27 NOW FREE

Economic Collapse

This guide is full of tips REAL people used to get through a national tragedy...

It was co-written by Luis, an Argentinean, who endured one of the worst meltdowns in history...

When riots, governmental collapse, 5,000% inflation and black-market gangsters plagued a nation.

With 25% unemployed and struggling to feed themselves.

An event worse than the Great Depression. That might always happen again...

That's why we'll show you all the steps Luis took to keep himself and his 6-year-old daughter flourishing.

It's a fascinating read, especially now...

After all, Luis was no bum. He was a hard-working guy doing what he thought was right. Until one bad day changed everything... causing widespread food shortages and the lights to go out. Fitting nicely with bonus #3.

Because as Napoleon said:

"An army marches on its stomach."

While good chow is rocket fuel for the soul. And you don't
need a silver spoon to enjoy it.

That's why your third bonus is:

Homestead Cooking 101
Was $27 NOW FREE

Economic Collapse

But why does good food matter?

Not only is raw food far less nutritious it's bad for morale. After all, nobody wants to eat canned beans forever...

The problem is most of us rely on electric or gas stoves to eat. And in a blackout these things will be useless. That's why traditional methods, like a wood stove, fireplace, or Dutch oven, matter so much. And not just that...

Many of these classic, smoky, rich, and sticky flavors - despite their appeal - are impossible to make any other way. Whereas this guide has it all...

Inside, you'll uncover heaps of off-grid recipes and emergency cooking techniques, like:

How to "Carbeque" - and use a car's engine to cook your meals in a blackout. Just like British soldiers did in WW2.

Could you bake bread without electricity or fire? Discover how on page 30.

Love slow cooking? Then why not try this zero-electricity oven developed in the 1940s. Perfect for "Off-Grid Ice Cream" (recipe included.)

And many more...

*All of which are available to download digitally.


Very Soon, All These (And
MORE) Could Be Yours...

Economic Collapse

But act fast!

Because only if you act now and reserve your copy of 'The Lost Frontier Handbook' TODAY will you secure these 3 exclusive bonuses, valued at $27 each... FOR FREE.

Plus, gain unlimited access to our members' area, where you can ask us anything. Any time you like. We'll be there to answer all your questions promptly.

Simply click the button below to secure your copy and become an honorary 'The Lost Frontier Handbook' member today.

Economic Collapse


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WAS $131

DiY Projects

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⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ "Suzanne is an all-around asset to the preparedness and survival community."
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- Bill Comeau, 54, Virginia

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ "Very resourceful, whether you're camping, hiking, or going on an adventure , this book brings out the kid in you."
- Amanda, 33, Texas

You Also Get Our
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60 Days Money Back

That means, if at any point during the first 60 days you're not COMPLETELY over-the-moon with 'The Lost Frontier Handbook' then simply send me an email and I'll give you back every cent within 24 hours.

No ifs, no buts.

You'll even get to keep the book.

It's as simple as that!

That's right: You have TWO FULL MONTHS to test drive 'The Lost Frontier Handbook', plus the three free bonuses, before you make your final decision.

That's our handshake guarantee!

So, is it a deal?

I hope so!

Economic Collapse


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WAS $131

Right Now, We're Staring
Into the Abyss...

Because unless we act now, our parents and grandparents could be the last generation to practice basic things like herbal remedies, building a root cellar, or making pemmican.

They laid the world's greatest foundation we're about to forget!

That's why we feel it's our generation's duty to preserve these skills and pass them on. Before they slide into oblivion...

But we can't do it alone.

Today you can take part in something great: by boosting your self-reliance, helping yourself, loved ones and even total strangers with this knowledge.

Knowledge you can freely share with others once it's yours.

Everything you need is tucked inside 'The Lost Frontier Handbook'. All you need to do is click the big yellow button below to access it, fill-in your details and quickly pass through our highly secure, military-grade encryption process.

Then casually browse through the pages. Just like in an old-fashioned bookstore. Only then do you decide.

I hope you make the right choice,

God bless,

Suzanne Sherman

Economic Collapse


>> 72% off <<< /span>

WAS $131

DiY Projects

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